Enzymes, Receptors and Drugs in Obesity and Atherosclerosis



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Dr Bhushan Kapur's Curriculum Vitae

Professional Activities:

1991-annual event Chairman, Toxicology Interest Group, CSCC annual meetings, Montreal, June 1991; Toronto, May, 1992; Banff, April, 1993; Quebec City, May, 1994; Whistler, BC., April, 1995, Chicago July 1996, Halifax 1997.
1989-present Inspector, Forensic Urine Drug Testing, American College of Pathologists
1989-1992 Member of Drug Monitoring Working Committee, Laboratory Proficiency Testing Program of the Ontario Medical Association. (This also involved inspection of laboratories having proficiency problems).
1989-1992 Secretary, Canadian Society of Clinical Chemists.
1992 Registrar, Annual Convention of Canadian Society of Clinical Chemistry, Toronto, Ontario, May 23-28, 1992.
1992 Member, Advisory Board, Drug and Alcohol Testing in the Workplace, Ontario Law Reform Commission.
1991 Member of Toronto Hospital Team to develop "Care" maps for recognition and treatment of overdose patients.
1991 Member, Toronto Public Health Committee non-Cooking Wine.
1981-1989 National Representative, Commission on Toxicology, International Federation of Clinical Chemistry.
1987 Member of Canadian Society for Clinical Chemists' Task Force on Drug Screening in the Workplace.
1986Member of Substance Abuse Testing Committee, American Association for Clinical Chemistry.
1986 Member of Interdivisional Task Group on Employment Related Drug Screening, Addiction Research Foundation.
1982 Registration Secretary, 26th Annual Convention of Canadian Society of Clinical Chemists, Toronto, Ontario, June 13-17.
1980-1982Councillor, Canadian Society of Clinical Chemists.
1977-1978 President, Toronto Society of Clinical Chemists.
1976-1977 Secretary, Toronto Society of Clinical Chemists.